Marriage Counseling Services


Marriage Services

Marriages take work. And when you and your partner are struggling call me. Together we will identify the issues and find solutions. Each relationship has predictable faulty patterns and it is likely that your marriage fails at the same major points again and again. We will build strategies to break these faulty patterns so that the next time you and your partner arrive at this point in your relationship you will navigate successfully

Divorce Services

If you have already divorced, relationship issues still exist. How do we co-parent? Are the kids coping well? Do my children need counseling?
Or perhaps you and your former spouse have been Court ordered to attend a post-divorce Parenting Class. If so, contact me and we can make these happen as well. I provide Level II post-divorce Parenting Classes for all Metro counties and have spent many, many years coaching parents though post-divorce parenting. In addition I counsel parents, adolescents and children of divorce through this emotionally difficult time.

Trustworthy Family Counseling Services

Are your marital problems affecting your entire family, including your kids? Do something about these issues before they become worse. Family counseling will help your family as you go through challenges. It will also help you point out specific issues in the family and find concrete solutions to them.

Find Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Sometimes life does get tough, but the answers are out there You just need a little help in finding them. Reach out, ask for some help and the answers will come. Call me at (303) 431-1963 or email me at I look forward to working with you. Barbara
Inquire about my family counseling services for residents of cities, towns, and suburbs near Arvada, Colorado including Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Applewood, Federal Heights, Lakewood, Denver, Thornton, Golden, Northglenn, Broomfield, and Superior.